Frequently Asked Questions

Important Dates

When does the 2019 Fall Term Begin?

When Is the 2019 Summer Program?

Admission Process

How do I apply for my child to become a student at Edgewood Preprimary Academy?

Are there any openings right now?

Involved Families

What kinds of families and students  are Edgewood PrePrimary looking for?

Are there additional opportunities for parents to be involved in their child's education? 

Daily Schedules

What are classroom hours?

How early may children arrive at campus?

How late may students stay at 


Tuition & Fees

What are costs of attending Edgewood PrePrimary Academy?

What payment plans are available?

Special Events

Are there special events for parents and students at Edgewood PrePrimary?

Are there special Graduation Ceremonies?

Holiday Schedules

Are there Winter and Spring Breaks?

What holidays are observed?

Excursions & Environs

Do students ever have "field trips"?

Does Edgewood PrePrimary have a gardening area for students?

Health & Nutrition

How does Edgewood PrePrimary protect student health?

Immunization requirements

 Annual  influenza vaccine 

Hand Sanitizing stations

Hygiene education and supervision

Parent-Teacher Conferences

How often will I meet in-person with my child's teacher?

Classroom Continuity

Will my Child have the same teacher all term?

Is a term attendance commitment required?

Security & Safety

Are entries and exits controlled?

Is the campus child-safe and fire-protected?